You Are Simply Just As Good As Your Evil Nature

As a Feng Shui practitioner and teacher, I am often reminded that Feng Shui is deeply plugged into the patterns and cycles in outdoor. In spring, plants send out new shoots and seeds sprout new life. In summer nature is at its fullest expression of life – the vegetation is lush and colorful. In fall nature begins to gather its energy in preparation for the deep hibernation and restoration that takes place in winter. When we live life in alignment with natural energy patterns around us, our our body is synchronized in addition to in balance with nature. Are usually healthier and happier.

Each situation that we face in a day can knock down pedestals or build up pits. ธรรมชาติสุดแปลก (the opposite to depression is elation and often we put people down and then wake a lot as the reality that they weren’t so bad) which equally can cause depression by throwing them up onto a pedestal after having put them down to have long precious time.

Balance, is often a very simple concept to figure out. You have two ears, two eyes, two nostrils, two arms, two legs. Two hemispheres towards brain, two cheeks into the bum. Anything that has with regards to your measurement of life (interpretation of it) is measured in two, comparison is the keynote of human existence and the cornerstone of all emotion, judgment, disease, fatigue, stress, infatuation and ache.

We see and read about destruction everyday and some want in charge God because of it but it is not Gods undertaking. God is good and everything He does is optimistic. Job was not tempted by God but by Satan, He does not tempt nor is He tempted.

All one other organisms found on earth work in harmony and balance with the designs of nature. Fish do not seek go walking on water, nor does the lion wish to fly. Nature follows guidelines it was presented with. Each and every organism works in harmony and balance, acknowledging their role in the dance of life across the world.

Never again have I witnessed size of that meteor bathe. Oh, I’ve tried over and up to capture a repeat performance of that magical the evening. but nothing has come close on it. It was a gift of grace from nature that my daughter and I shared. an individual that we remember with a romantic awestruck prayer of admiration.

Picnic in the park. Who said public parks are just kids? For your lunch break at work, or on a nice afternoon weekend, take a walk for your own local park and break out the foods and nutrients! Enjoy that chicken salad sandwich, and take inside your surroundings. To be able to the laughter of children, the birds chirping (you can’t escape the birds), the squirrels scurrying about, and just enjoy from the moment.

What’s missing are the inner experiences that nature stimulates including awe, expanded perceptions, beauty, self reflection, creative insights, joy, peace, inspiration and restoration.

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