Laser Twilight Stars Projector

This home planetarium essentially projects a blue nebula cloud that the manufacturer calls “Twilight” along with a constellation of green stars moving slowly in and around. Although it works well in a room where the light is dimmed, the projector works best in a room where all the lights are off. The holographic show covers a fairly large area and perfectly simulates a beautiful night sky (aurora borealis on a starry background).


The star-shaped head can swivel up and down, giving you better control of the projecteur Galaxie angle compared to other planetarium projectors available on the market. 

Don’t be fooled by its appearance. Although the design looks like a star and the outer casing is made of plastic, it is not a children’s toy. It uses lasers to project stars onto the wall or ceiling, which means it should only be operated by adults. If you buy it for younger children, make sure you place it somewhere they cannot reach it.

All in all, it’s a great device if you’re looking to light up your home cinema for movie nights, create a relaxing atmosphere for your meditation session, or set up a romantic vibe for a date night. It is also a fantastic gift for your friends who love space or for a family member who is interested in astronomy.

One for the new entries to our list could be the Atmosphere star projector by Encalife and it deservedly earns our top pick. Really want the best bits because of the Atmosphere could possibly is voice controllable by either Google Assistant or Alexa voice control once setup (which only requires a few minutes to do), allowing for you to control become the base all the settings by just voice. Deliver the results sets it apart from most other star projectors.
Alternatively, may refine install the Smart Life app against your own phone (both iOS and Android compatible) and control everything from your palm of one’s hand. Each and every you in order to change the nebula colors and brightness to capacity the available 16.7 million colors from the color wheel on the mobile app, you could certainly. If you need to program and save different combinations of star speeds and nebula speeds and colors, you can do in which.

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