Speaking in Tongues – The Baptism of the Holy Spirit: Pt2

I’ll continue right where I left off in part one of this article. You have just asked to be baptized with the Holy Spirit and you’ve opened your spirit and received. The next step is to cooperate with the Holy Spirit and begin to speak with tongues.

Let’s look at what happened to the disciples in the Upper Room on Pentecost Day.

“And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance.” (Acts 2:4)

Here’s a question: Who began speaking with other tongues? Was it The Holy Ghost? NO!

Baptism of the Holy Ghost .The disciples began to speak. This simple truth escapes about 90% of the people who read this for the first time. Somehow they magically believe that the Holy Spirit is the One doing the speaking through them. Wrong!

The Bible never says that the Holy Ghost speaks in tongues through you or the Holy Ghost forces you to speak with tongues.

According to the word of God the disciples spoke in tongues and the Holy Spirit gave then the utterance.

What does this mean in a practical sense?

It means until you decide to open your mouth and speak in tongues it’s not going to happen!

This requires exercising faith!

You must believe that when you open your mouth and speak, the very next words out of your mouth are going to be supplied by the Holy Spirit! This is the part where He gives you the utterance or supplies you with the words!

To give the utterance simply means to supply the words!

You do the speaking He supplies the words!

It is the very act of opening your mouth in faith and beginning to speak that releases the power of the Holy Ghost to supply the words. You may open your mouth but if it’s not in faith – Nothing happens! You must know that when you open your mouth to speak He is going to supply the words.

You must know that when you open your mouth to speak He is going to supply the words.

It’s a beautiful partnership, just like dancing with God. All you have to do is simply trust Him. That’s it – Just trust that when you speak he’ll supply the words. It’s all about trust.

How well do you know Him?

Do you believe that when you step out in faith to do as He asks He will stand you up and embarrass you? Is that your concept of God? If it is, then your problem is not whether or not you’re able to speak with tongues, it’s a much deeper issue of not trusting God and that my friend is the subject for another article altogether.

But if you know Him and trust Him then you’re ready! Just continue to trust that as you open your mouth and speak; those beautiful, wonderful sounds will come pouring out in absolute glorious praise to Him!

I’ve heard some believers say when they first spoke with tongues it felt like something bubbling up from their belly and the next thing they knew they were “spitting tongues” fast and furious with almost no prompting on their part.

I’ve heard others say that they first heard the words within them before they spoke out loud in tongues.

I’m not here to discount or validate other people’s experiences, but I will say that the experience of others is not and should not be our guideline.

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